Monday, December 31, 2012

Winners for the String Band Association Fundraiser are as followed.

Grand Prize Super Bowl Trip- David Neher Ticket Number 38462

Phillies Ticket Plan- David Hegele- Ticket Number 39886

Sony TV- Joe Anttell- Ticket Number 21418
2013 Mummers Parade

Line of March

Check out where your favorite club will be marching at in 2013 

1. Landi
2. Murray
3. Goodtimers

The Wench Brigades
1. Bryson
2. Riverfront
3. Pirates
4. Oregon
5. O’Malley
6. Saints
7. Cara Liom
8. Froggy Carr

Fancy Division
1. Hog Island
2. Golden Sunrise

2013 String Band Division
1. Greater Overbrook- Headin' For The Hills
2. Durning-  What's Hop-pening
3. Trilby- Yo Ho Ho and A Bottle of Mum
4. Broomall - Just What the Doctor
5. South Philadelphia- Barnyard Moosical
6. Hegeman- Just Imagine
7. Woodland-  A Knight You Won't Forget
8. Aqua- Bummin' & Mummin' on Broadway
9. Uptown- Keystone Kops and Kapers
10. Polish American- A Rio Good Time
11. Avalon- Big Top On Broad
12. Ferko- Ferko's Bringin' Back Those Minstrel Days
13. Greater Kensington- G.K. Rides Again
14. Quaker City- Pow Wow
15. Pennsport- Mummers In De-Nile
16. Duffy- Duffy Takes The Cake
17. Fralinger- Back From the Dead

Fancy Brigades 2013
1. Golden Crown - Apocalypse: Activate Thunderdome
2. Bill McIntyre's Shooting Stars- Super Heroes-Super Villains-Super Thrills
3. Jokers- Midnight Masquerade
4. Satin Slipper- Cyborgs: Rise of the Machine
5. Downtowners- Gods of the Sun
6. Saturnalian- The Mayan Prophecy: Mystery of the Crystal Skulls
7. South Philly Vikings- R ... U . . . Game
8. 2nd Street Shooters- Vikings: Legend of the Dragon Claws
9. Clevemore- Battle for the Power of the Frozen Planet
10. Avenuers - Uniting of Nations Spirit of the Eagle